Long -term data monitoring

Remo Alert screen shots

As well as it’s instant alert system REMO also monitors many specific aspects of your standby power system to give a longer term view of your equipments status.

  • Correctly interpreted, this can provide an early warning system for developing faults within your system due to age, condition or environmental conditions.
  • Identifying issues early means that these can be rectified without any major disruption to your system saving the time and costs associated with complete system failure due to a weakness in one specific area.
  • Historical data on your system can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via REMO ‘Live’.


The table below provides a list of all the elements of your system which can be monitored by REMO

UPS Generator and Fuel cell remote monitoring parameters

For information on interpreting REMO’s long-term reporting data click here.