Interpreting long-term REMO reports

Remo Alert screen shots

Remo monthly report

  • Every REMO customer receives a monthly report on the status of their system from our service team which has been checked and analysed. (An example of a monthly report can be seen by clicking on the image to the right of this page).
  • If anomalies are identified then you will be notified of this on the report.
  • Every REMO customer also has free access to our REMO ‘Live’ system which can provide reports on any specific date set recorded over whatever length of time you choose.  These can be used alongside your monthly reports to monitor and analyse system performance and status on an ongoing basis.

Early warning:

The charts below, taken from actual REMO customers show how useful REMO reporting and REMO ‘Live can be in identifying and rectifying potential problems before they become too much of a problem.

Chart 1 – indicates an ongoing temperature problem within a UPS. Although the air conditioning appeared to be working correctly, a faulty fan was identified and replaced with a consequential drop in temperature. This has now prolonged battery life saving in excess of £10,000 on battery replacement.

UPS monitoring for long term savings

Chart 2 – shows a continuous overload on the system regularly peaking at over 100% requiring attention before system damage occurs.

Load monitoring on ups, standby power equipment monitoring

Chart 3 – shows a very clear issue with system temperature suddenly rising. In this case the cause was a total air conditioning failure picked up via REMO alert as well as REMO live. Without the early warning provided by REMO this could have caused costly damage to batteries or even the complete system.

UPS monitoring , standby power monitoring, generator monitoring

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