REMO “Live”

Instant online information on ALL of your standby power systems covered by REMO®

  • FREE online service provided with every REMO® contract.
  • Live and secure web-based system
  • Comprehensive up-to-the-minute data and status reports on every aspect of your system, specific to equipment type
  • Long-term system performance reports from monthly to annually at the click of your mouse
  • Dedicated secure login for each customer
  • Perfectly complements the instant alert service already provided by REMO®.

REMO "Live" UPS report

Logging into the system provides you with personal secure data taken from your system by our REMO® servers. The data can even be updated “live” on request for up-to-the minute information on the status of all aspects of your Generator, UPS, Fuel Cell and any other equipment which you have linked into your REMO® system.

Click here to see examples of  REMO® “Live” reports