Instant alerts from REMO remote monitoring

  • Delivered via text and / or email message  – fully user controlled
  • Total customisation to suit your desired level of monitoring of system data and alarm status
  • Alerts provided to individual or multiple recipients dependent on business need
  • System alerts and alarms can be customised to suit the severity of the situation
  • *NEW – Unique generator battery monitoring feature to notify you of poor battery condition before it causes you a problem
  • GSM phone connection for remotely located equipment complete with fully-roaming SIM to ensure maximum signal and communications with equipment at all times
  • Fuel level status information via REMO AUTOTEXT at anytime*

* requires optional fuel level sender

Instant alerts can be triggered for the following alarm conditions:

Generator, UPS and Fuel cell remote monitoring alarms from REMO

For information on long-term monitoring data and how this can provide early detection of potential problems faults click here to go to REMO ‘Live’ .