How it works

Installing, maintaining and managing REMO really couldn’t be simpler!

  • The REMO system operates via an engineer-installed modem (GSM or analogue dependent on location and equipment type) fitted to your generator, UPS or fuel cell system.
  • Resilient N+1 server-based system to ensure 99.9% monitoring uptime.
  • Local server-independent ‘out-of-band’ system so REMO keeps on monitoring your systems even when your own IT systems are not operational.
  • Information from REMO can be accessed  3 ways:
  1. Instant alerts via sms or email for any chosen alarm condition
  2. Via REMO ‘Live’ – our secure, online system  providing access to all your system data 24/7
  3. Via REMO ‘Autotext’ * our new ‘on-demand’ generator fuel level monitoring  feature (requires installation of optional fuel level sender unit)

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